Pena Park Hotel Inauguration in Ribeira de Pena

The PENA PARK HOTEL in Ribeira de Pena was inaugurated on May 7, 2016.

Solmaior, recognized for its trustworthy and full support in offering the most innovative renewable energy solutions, was responsible for the design, supply and installation of the solar thermal panels at Pena Park Hotel, in northern Portugal.

The project involved the installation of 25 solar thermal panels of 2m2, totalling 50m2 of absorption useful area. This system, with a 10,000 litters hot water total capacity in 24 hours, will supply more than 90% of the hot water needs of the complex, as well as the heating of the indoor pool.

The 4 * hotel, with a strong technological component, is a 5-storey building with a heated indoor pool, hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy, SPA sauna and turkish bath. It also has ample spaces for leisure, catering, business center, health and wellness.

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The inauguration was presided over by Portugal’s Prime Minister – António Costa, and by the Ribeira de Pena Municipal Chamber President – Rui Vaz.

It should be highlighted that the whole building is prepared to receive, at a later stage, combined energy production systems that will allow to suppress much of the building’s energy needs.

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