How to maintain solar panels?

Due to constant exposure to a poorly protected and uncontrolled environment, it is very likely that the cleaning and condition of solar panels will change after installation. Despite the long life that photovoltaic solar panels have, it is necessary to guarantee it through their maintenance. Maintenance is also essential to ensure the proper functioning and enhance the performance of photovoltaic cells during their lifetime.


Who should do the maintenance?

The maintenance process must only be carried out by technicians specialized in the area with the indicated equipment due to the risks it presents. However, there are small maintenance actions that you can and should be in charge of without having to resort to third parties. These actions mainly involve clearing the panels, checking for damage or scratches, eliminating shadows and cleaning.


How can I maintain it and how often should I do it?

In order to maintain the panels, that is, to carry out the actions described above, it is advisable to look for the simplest solutions. Only water will be enough to clean the panels, without using detergents or other products that could cause damage. When the dirt resists water, you can use a sponge or something similar, but always delicate and soft, which is not likely to scratch the panels, as scratches may reduce their performance. Although the rainy months are a factor that helps with the maintenance of the panels, on the other hand the dry months are a factor that requires greater attention. That said, the ideal frequency for cleaning the panels is at least once a year, taking into account that the worse the condition of the panels, the worse their performance.


What should I know and what precautions should I take before carrying out maintenance?

Before proceeding with the maintenance of the panels, it is important to inform yourself and confirm through the instruction manual or those responsible for the installation which are the most indicated procedures and which ones you can carry out. It is advisable to clean the panels during low-temperature hours to avoid any type of reaction or damage.

Finally, as in most cases the location of solar panels is not always easily accessible, it is important to be aware of the danger in each situation.


What are the benefits of maintaining solar panels?

Although some have already been mentioned before, the main benefits of regular maintenance of solar panels are:

  • Increased durability and performance of equipment
  • Regular checking for damage that may or may compromise the system's operation
  • Ensuring the safety of the building and those in it


To avoid any type of risk, we recommend that you use a specialized technician to guarantee these and other tasks related to the maintenance of solar panels. To discover our maintenance solutions, just contact Solmaior through the contact line (+351) 218 ​​931 025 available 24h, send an email to, or fill in the form available in the website contacts menu.



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