Solmaior represents a group of unified companies in response to the imminent need for an ecologically balanced world. Its dynamism and partnerships, allied with the versatility of its proposed work, have led to its international success in the renewable energy sector.

Today, Solmaior can offer a wide range of work methodologies and services, from project development assistance, diligence, project structure, economic study, engineering, construction and operations to turnkey solutions from large to domestic scales.

In all of them, Solmaior works side by side with project managers, companies, governments, technology suppliers and contractors to offer the best set of solutions, minimizing investments and maximizing the return on investment on each project.

Apostamos na melhoria contínua dos nossos serviços tendo adotado uma Política de Qualidade, Ambiente e Segurança.

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy
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Each developed solution represents an advance in the preservation and conscious exploration of the Planet’s resources.

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In an ever-changing world, technology is the mother of all revolutions. We work with companies all around the world to develop and implement unique solutions.

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Between the society demands and the absolute necessity to preserve the Planet, Solmaior gathers the best of both: by using the most advanced technology in association.

  • Quality, Ethics and Accuracy in each work.
  • Certified Technicians
  • Mora than 10 years of experience

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