More sun. More energy. More life.

Solmaior – Renewable energies


Each developed solution represents an advance in the preservation and conscious exploration of the Planet’s resources.


In an ever-changing world, technology is the mother of all revolutions. We work with companies all around the world to develop and implement unique solutions.


Nothing is sustainable or truly innovative without respecting legacies. We do not impose solutions: We adapt them, so they become part of the environment.

Short description

Between the society demands and the absolute necessity to preserve the Planet, Solmaior gathers the best of both: by using the most advanced technology in association with the force of Nature, we can implement truly disruptive solutions.

Today, the company gathers several years of experience in various areas, such as the study and development of sustainable construction projects, the use of solar energy for thermal and photo voltaic applications, implementation of innovative materials in infrastructures or  energy efficiency maximization in buildings.

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