ENCO inaugurates national head office in São Tomé

The new national headquarters of the National Fuel and Oil Company (ENCO) in São Tomé, inaugurated on January 14, has 3 floors for offices, technical areas and parking. The new building, built by Solmaior, with capacity for more than 100 employees, is the result of a sustainable construction project and preserves the main facade of the old building, that is now integrated in a building that reflects modernity. The building inspection was made by the company Exergia São Tomé and Príncipe.

According to ENCO’s Board of Directors President, this work demonstrates the investor’s willingness to look at the country with confidence.

The inauguration was presided by the Economy and International Cooperation’s minister, Dr. Agostinho Quaresma dos Santos, who emphasized the importance of this building, which is part of the perspective of large companies based in São Tomé and Príncipe to participate in the country’s modernization process.

It should be highlighted that the whole building is prepared to receive, at a later stage, a system of photovoltaic energy production that will allow to suppress much of the building’s energy needs.



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